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Australian Science & Maths School, Corporate Conversation


Launched in 2003, the ASMS is leading the reform of science and mathematics education across South Australia and nationally, and operates through an innovative building at Flinders University that has been recognised by the OECD as a model for school design in the 21st century.


Corporate Conversation has been involved with ASMS since early in its existence, helping build relationships with key mainstream and education media nationally, and highlighting the school’s focus and expertise to the broader community.


With increasing community and government concern that many students are no longer focusing on science and mathematics in their senior school years – with a possible negative impact on industry and research into the future – much of Corporate Conversation’s media activity has been aimed at boosting student and parent interest in attending the ASMS.


Because the ASMS is not an academically selective school, editorial outcomes have been pursued that showcase the school as one that fosters fulfilment of potential in all its students.


Media coverage has also highlighted the ASMS’s innovative, comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum, offering science and mathematics as the central pillars.


This has been done by working closely with key media on storylines with a strong interest factor, highlighting the fun, excitement and engagement students can achieve from areas such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, aviation studies, communication systems, sustainable futures and the technological world.


Like the school’s curriculum, editorial coverage has been tailored to demonstrate the range of professional learning programs conducted by the ASMS, including workshops on new sciences and action learning processes – such as students using a flight simulator to learn more about the mechanics and electronics of flight.


Media outcomes have also focused on the ASMS’s leading role as an international specialist science and mathematics school, via workshops, seminars and conferences aimed at building its reputation and alignment with other leading educators and professional associations.


Some of the ASMS’s programs and initiatives have won world-wide media coverage through Corporate Conversation’s activities – including ground-breaking research by one student to gauge whether fish really have a three-second memory. 


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