Dr Tim Cooper

Managing Director - Coopers Brewery

They really do understand us as a business. They understand the history of the company. They understand the people within the organisation, and because of that we're able to get the support we need from a strategic point of view.

We now have a much greater capability in terms of dealing with the media and that comes with developing confidence. We've only developed that confidence as a result of Corporate Conversation leading us down the path - helping us with the process of working with the media to get the right outcomes.


Carolyn Parrella

Executive Manager - Terri Scheer Insurance

I think one of the reasons we love working with Corporate Conversation is because our cultures are very similar so it's like we're doing business with friends.

They know our business inside and out. We've been working with them for over 10 years and they know our strategic objectives and they're always looking out for opportunities for us to grow our market presence.


Richard Turner

Founder - ZEN Energy

The Corporate Conversation team have been with us literally from Day One of our business. We started this business back in 2004 and from the very early days they've taken time to get to know the business, to understand the business, the innovation path that we've been on, the expansion path that we've been on.

Their attitude is exceptional. They really take the time to work with us, to understand our business and find opportunities relevant to us.


Jo Podoliak

Chief Executive Officer - Regional Development Australia, Murraylands & Riverland


Working with Corporate Conversation feels like an extension to our team.  Usually we'll just have ideas or a thread from a PR perspective, and working with them really maximises and leverages the opportunity. That's the value we get from working with strategic partners.


Mark Dayman

Managing Director - FYFE

I would describe Corporate Conversation's work as first class. Our company was one of the best kept secrets around, which was a little bit unfortunate. What's actually happened now is it's getting the good message out there and into the business community.

They provide good strategic advice for us as how to behave in the media forum and it's just been very good for us.


Nicole Dwyer

CEO  - Workskil Australia

One thing I like about Corporate Conversation is that they're engaged in our business. They're as keen on our success as we are, which I really appreciate.



Roger Drake

Founder - Drakes Supermarkerts

You always need a public relations company - and somebody that can deliver you results. We've found that Corporate Conversation always delivers the results we want.


Dave Rumker

Managing Director - Campbell Global

We were new to Australia, new to South Australia, and Corporate Conversation was very instrumental in helping us with our introductions to the communities. 


Andrew Downs

Founder - SAGE Group

I just find them as an extension of our business and (they) provide me with peace of mind that the job's going to be done very professionally.

The company's been here for a long time. It understands South Australia but has also got a national focus. (That) has been a great benefit to SAGE. 


Hamilton Calder

State Director, SA - Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA)

The relationships Corporate Conversation have with the media help us promote our events, our speakers and our members more broadly into the media and then into the public.




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