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Social Media


Anyone can write a social media post - but how do you ensure it creates the right outcomes for your brand? 


Corporate Conversation takes a strategic approach to social media activities in order to build trust and engagement. This includes:

Influencer Marketing and Engagement

Influencer marketing is a key element of effective social media engagement.

Corporate Conversation works closely with social media influencers and the blogging community, building relationships that assist our clients to generate positive endorsements online.

Video Content

Research consistently shows the value of video communication.

Used strategically, video can improve search engine and social media rankings, the average length of website visits and click-through rates for email marketing. It's more likely to be shared online and, most importantly, lead to product and service sales.

Corporate Conversation creates video content for media use as well as online and social media communication. This includes:

  • Video news releases

  • Testimonials and case studies

  • Instructional videos

  • Social media content

  • Website content

  • Conference introductions and presentation support

Watch our latest showreel here:

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