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With 120 stores in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Broken Hill, Foodland is the State’s largest independent grocery group.


But “The Mighty South Aussies” operate in an increasingly competitive environment, and communicating their key points of difference to consumers and the media is a key component of the group’s marketing activity.


Corporate Conversation was engaged by Foodland more than 15 years ago to help boost positive media coverage of this proudly South Australian organisation, as well as consolidate links between its executives and the local media.


Foodland stores are local and independently-owned supermarkets, so a key message has been that when consumers shop with Foodland they are helping support the local community.


Corporate Conversation – through a dedicated program of proactive media activity – has helped emphasise that Foodland retailers have been supporting South Australian sporting and community clubs, charities and schools for more than 50 years.


As a result, there is now much broader community awareness that the group’s retailers donate to more than 200 sporting clubs, 100 schools and kindergartens and more than 250 other charities and community groups each year.


A comprehensive program of communications activity has emphasised Foodland’s focus on quality food and a full range of groceries along with exceptional personalised service.


Key messages also include the fact that while some local products are being discontinued by the national supermarket chains, many of these products are still available at Foodland because the group strongly believes in supporting local producers.


This strong focus on local produce has seen Corporate Conversation work with Foodland on cross-promotional programs with local suppliers to help build customer awareness and loyalty.


A good example of this was when Foodland came out in support of South Australian food icon Spring Gully Foods during a difficult time, devoting shelf space to key Spring Gully products and boosting customer awareness of the range.


In a competitive environment for staff attraction, Corporate Conversation has also helped Foodland emphasise its strong corporate culture and “family” focus, maximising its ability to attract and keep key grocery staff.


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