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National Australia Bank is Australia’s largest business bank.

For more than a decade, Corporate Conversation has been helping NAB lift and maintain its media and community profile in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Working closely with NAB’s state leadership and national corporate affairs teams, Corporate Conversation has implemented a comprehensive program of media communication and introductions aimed at:

  • Giving NAB a “voice” in South Australian and Northern Territory media.​

  • Positioning NAB as a leading financial institution that contributes to the economic and social success of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

  • Highlighting NAB’s product offering and key points of difference that set it apart from its competitor banks.

  • Introducing and showcasing key NAB executives, their expertise and their understanding of the local market.

  • Ensuring that NAB personnel are front-and-centre as commentators on appropriate local economic issues.

  • Enabling the public to understand NAB’s commitment to community and “giving back” through charitable works and donations as well as corporate volunteering.

  • Emphasising the exceptional culture at NAB – a benefit in attracting not only customers, but also staff keen to work in the NAB environment.

Corporate Conversation has provided media training to key NAB executives to help them respond to media queries quickly and efficiently, with maximum cut-through.

With a precise, detailed and scheduled calendar of media liaison, we have proven the benefit of being proactive to pursue editorial coverage, with exceptional outcomes.

NAB now enjoys a strong relationship with media, who know they can count on NAB for timely and quality commentary, as well as interesting and newsworthy editorial material.

Corporate Conversation supports NAB’s various sponsorships and other marketing commitments with regular provision of written columns and profile articles tailored to individual customer markets.

With the rise of video as a storytelling tool, we have been working closely with NAB to create professional video productions of several key initiatives to highlight NAB partnerships.


Public Relations, Corporate Conversation
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