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Thank you for 25 years - and counting

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​​Our team at Corporate Conversation has a message we’d like to share with our clients, families, friends, suppliers, supporters and associates: T H A N K Y O U.

Thank you for helping us to reach 25 years in business.

The year 1994 was a memorable one:

  • Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president.

  • Jeff Bezos launched Amazon from his garage.

  • Paul Keating marked his third year in office as Prime Minister of Australia while Alexander Downer replaced John Hewson as Leader of the Opposition.

  • Australian businessman Christopher Skase was arrested in Spain. The Channel Tunnel opened, linking the United Kingdom with France.

  • OJ Simpson was arrested after a televised police chase along Los Angeles freeways that was watched by 95 million viewers.

  • Steven Spielberg won his first Oscar for Schindler’s List.

  • US sitcom Friends hit our television screens for the first time.

  • And, as you have probably guessed, 1994 was the year Corporate Conversation was established.

Our Founder, Chris Doudle

We’ve come a long way over the past 25 years, from our early days in a serviced office in Kent Town.

Back then we were one PR professional - our founder Chris Doudle, armed with a laptop and a phone. He didn’t even have a desk and spent those early days working from the floor.

What he did have was a vision – great people doing great work for great clients – which continues to drive everything we do.

Today, Corporate Conversation is a team of public relations professionals working collaboratively to build trusted relationships with our clients and create outcomes that build and protect their brands.

We are fortunate to work with some of Australia’s most successful organisations across the community and corporate sectors. The long-standing relationships we have with our clients are among our firm’s most treasured achievements.

We are passionate about our work and get a real buzz from creating tangible outcomes and value for our clients. In fact, there is a bell in our office that we ring loudly – often several times a day – whenever we support a client to achieve success.

Which brings us back to our main point: T H A N K Y O U for being an important member of our community, for the contribution you have made to Corporate Conversation and for supporting us on our journey.

Our team is pleased to mark 25 years in business in 2019 and we look forward to celebrating this important milestone with you over the year ahead.

To keep up-to-date with our anniversary celebrations and community acknowledgements, please follow us via the social media links below.

Onwards and upwards! Here’s to a great year.

From the Corporate Conversation Team

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