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Crisis Management, Reputation Management, Corporate Conversation


Crisis Management


It can take years to develop a good reputation.

Yet in this day of lightning-fast communication and forensic media interest, reputations can be lost in an instant by failing to respond quickly and effectively to a disaster or crisis.

Corporate Conversation prepares crisis management plans tailored to an organisation's specific risks, ensuring that management is well-positioned to respond.

We work closely with you in times of crisis to ensure that your messages - to the media, your stakeholders, customers and the general public - are relayed accurately, swiftly and appropriately.


Media Training

Don't wait until crisis strikes to discover whether you can cope in front of a camera.

Corporate Conversation provides media training to help business leaders create impact in any situation and develop valuable interview skills.

These techniques are not only useful when dealing with the media, but also for general communication with clients and other stakeholders.


Executive Profile

Corporate Conversation can work with  your team to raise the profile and reputation of key company executives.


Each personalised program aims to maximise client visibility to specific target audiences, with speech writing and media training services provided where necessary. 

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