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San Remo, Corporate Conversation


Australia’s largest pasta manufacturer, San Remo, commenced its foray into social media with the launch of its successful Facebook page in 2011.


Within months, San Remo had attracted more than 8500 followers with strong engagement and regular interaction on the site.


Corporate Conversation had been heavily involved in San Remo’s media management for several years, and swiftly identified an opportunity to build the company’s social media presence by engaging with Australia’s food and ‘”mummy” bloggers.


This rapidly growing group of influencers was swiftly emerging as a vital audience for San Remo in its bid to engage with consumers – but building relationships with bloggers had to be handled carefully.


Corporate Conversation embarked on significant research and subsequently developed a targeted program of activity to identify and build relationships with these key influencers.


Initial activity involved creation of a carefully managed database of bloggers who could partner with San Remo in appropriately promoting its pasta message. Relevant material such as background information, recipes and photographs were prepared and provided.


Corporate Conversation also organised events – themed around San Remo’s sponsorship of netball – that enabled leading food and parenting bloggers to be flown in for a special San Remo event in Adelaide.


This tailored approach to developing meaningful and mutually beneficial one-on-one relationships delivered exceptional results.


Given its success as a template for future activity, San Remo subsequently was able to gradually take its management of the blogger relationships in-house as its internal social media team built its skills and resources.


Australia’s leading food and parenting bloggers are now enthusiastic advocates for San Remo, promoting the company and its pasta products through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.


This program of activity has provided a significant boost to San Remo’s online and social media presence, encouraged Australian families to consider pasta as healthy meal option and assisted San Remo to sell more pasta.


Public Relations, Corporate Conversation
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