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Thomas Foods International, Corporate Conversation


Thomas Foods International is one of South Australia’s largest privately owned businesses and the nation’s largest 100% Australian family-owned meat processing company.


Formerly known as T&R Pastoral, in 2013 the company engaged Corporate Conversation to work closely with its marketing firm to promote its rebrand into the new Thomas Foods International – a rebrand being unveiled in 80 countries.


With the rebrand showcasing the company’s commitment to its heritage and values, as well as a launch pad to its future, the company’s Managing Director, Darren Thomas, realised the importance of a comprehensive marketing program including media communications.


Corporate Conversation’s involvement underpinned a broad program of media coverage from rural media, through to the meat trade and mainstream corporate media.


This immediately resulted in a much greater awareness of Thomas Foods International with some key media, requiring a more strategic approach to media management to ensure the company’s communications were timely, appropriate and accurate.


A strategic program of media releases and other communications was introduced to maximise coverage of key Thomas Foods International activities including:


  • Major capital expenditure by the company


  • Its involvement in the South Australian and national corporate environment and importance as a contributor to the country’s economy


  • Highlighting key suppliers and staffers who help create the company’s success stories


  • Promoting key branding and promotional measures aimed at expanding Thomas Foods International’s sales reach


At the same time, Corporate Conversation has been able to assist in successfully promoting Thomas Foods International’s recruitment campaigns and community initiatives as well as provide issues management assistance where required.

In January 2018, fire destroyed the company's Murray Bridge processing facility. Corporate Conversation has been closely involved since Day One of the blaze, providing strategic communications advice and services targeting key stakeholder groups as part of the ongoing response and recovery process.


Corporate Conversation continues to work closely with Thomas Foods International as the company reinforces its position as the most sought-after supplier of the finest Australian lamb, mutton, beef, goat and processed co-products in the world. 

Public Relations, Corporate Conversation
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