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Zen Energy,Corporate Conversation


ZEN Energy is one of the leading solar energy and energy storage providers in Australia.


 ZEN’s founder, Richard Turner, is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on energetic marketing and a keen eye for promotional excellence. Corporate Conversation has been with ZEN since “day one” of the business in 2004.


In the early stages of ZEN’s growth, with a relatively small marketing budget, Richard realised that effective use of public relations to maximise media coverage was a fast yet cost-effective way to build his company’s brand.


Corporate Conversation undertook a proactive approach aimed at highlighting ZEN above its competitors, and the company has achieved exceptional media coverage over the years.


As ZEN has grown in size and reputation, public relations has continued as a mainstay of ZEN’s national marketing activity.


Corporate Conversation’s strategic program of activity has encompassed diverse media activity aimed at:


  • Promoting ZEN Energy nationally as an industry leader in its field


  • Emphasising the company’s energy and culture


  • Reinforcing ZEN’s role as a leading South Australian-based business, an innovator and appropriate provider for households, businesses, communities, local government and industry


  • Ensuring ZEN’s key markets nationally are constantly learning more about why they should be purchasing a ZEN system


  • Showcasing ZEN’s key points of difference – particularly with regard to solar storage systems


  • Building links between the media and Richard Turner as a commentator on business and the economy, given his role as a serial entrepreneur, former Young Entrepreneurs Organisation President and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner


Strong use of client testimonials in media activity has enabled ZEN to capitalise on exceptional third-party endorsement of its products and services, which in turn leads to increased enquiry and sales.


As the industry underwent enormous changes in government policy on solar power feed-in tariffs, and with many of its competitors falling over in tough economic times, ZEN has withstood these challenges by having a strong marketing program highlighting its focus on investing in innovation and providing the highest quality systems.

In 2017, ZEN Energy was acquired by Sanjeev Gupta.


Richard Turner is a vigorous and enthusiastic supporter of Corporate Conversation, which has supported him with public relations through his last three businesses.

Comments from Richard Turner, Founder of ZEN Energy:

"I've long been a believer in the benefits of public relations and the work done by Corporate Conversation has further                reinforced to me how a targeted, strategic approach to communications can provide real benefit to a company."

"The Corporate Conversation team have been with us literally from day one of our business."

"We started this business back in 2004 and from the very early days they've taken time to get to know the business, to understand the business, the innovation path that we've been on (and) the expansion path that we've been on."

"Their attitude is exceptional.  They really take the time to work with us, to understand our business and find opportunities relevant to us."

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